about me

making sense of insensible things

I used to have a huge passion in architecture. Still do, but not so huge now after 2 years in the industry, 5 years of study and still a year to go. I love food, making food that I imagine in my head not reading the recipes and buying stuff for me or not for me. The only exercise I do is shopping although I have vowed myself to sign up a gym membership ages ago.

I do appreciated little things that could brighten up my day like a cup of coffee, and a smile from a stranger. I have discover a new passion now. photography. despite the fact that I don’t have that fancy dslr camera and my faithful digital camera just got broken couple of months ago. I think I might go into lomo. and still I don’t have any lomo. yet.

If you asked me “what can I take away from you?”.
My answer will be
“everything but not my senses, the blue sky, the green grass and the people around me.”

a little selfish answer to that can also be
“everything but not my money…….”


 “…….so i can make people around me happy, and impossible stuff possible”

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