"shoot for the stars !!……."

Well today, I had to fake my reason to my boss (hope my boss dont do blogging!)
so I can go to my CUTE english test tommorow at IDP. Walaupun testnye esok pagi, wah, malas sungguh nak study,kemalasan tahap maks!! Tuhan pun tak boleh tolong ni. Sendiri la kena bgn. Ini dah kira study last minute nih ..pheww!!..Sibuk fikir-fikir, banyak juga benda yang kena pakai $$ nak menggapai impian.

Well, what do they said ika, “shot for the stars, the least u can land on the moon!” yeah, dalam hati ni tak kan ada orang tahu, terketaq-ketaq juga la dengan keputusan sendiri. What a great risk. What a great secrifice. After great tests GOD puts on me.(hah I know, the Al-mighty just wants to test me on how serious I am with what I had wished for)

Look at the bright side ika, maybe this is ‘raya haji’ theme for you, since the decision made a couple of week before raya haji 2008. So that you will remember this turn that took on the path of yor life. Ika waste time no more..!! wake up, smile and march forward!!


Like what mili always said. Everything that you starts it well will ends well…
“sacrifices & risks is baby steps towards greater success!”

There girl!! LET’S GO FOR IT!! =P

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