Perth, Australia at last

A new chapter has begun, with me arriving at Perth Airport, just a couple hours ago. It’s not yet 24 hours but I already feel homesick! Not that I never be apart from home. I practically have always live away from home since boarding school years started and even during in college years. I was given a long brief by Kak Raihan (Zuhairuse ex-student who greeted me at the airport when I landed) about places and people here but KL still the best place in my head and heart. hahaha.

Life actually pretty good here.The buses always on time, the weather is perfect for strolling and it’s just so breezy all the time. I then can understand why the locals here like to just sit or laying on the grass doing nothing or read books under the trees shades. I never see a sky so blue and fluffy, grass so green and soft, or land so wide open in front. It’s even hard to see two storey house or tall highrise building (you can count the highrise with finger literally) and just a few cars around(cars to compare it to KL of course, that one KL wins)

Amazingly there’s not much of typical unit design that sits next to each other, something like link terrace housing such in KL. Every house is unique and differently characterized. However, there’s something about the garage that I couldn’t quite agree. Most of it is at the front of a house till it become the most prominent feature itself. So I ask myself, is this ‘a garage with a house’ or ‘a house with a garage?’ get the point?.

Back to the story, it’s nice oooh wow this and there but I don’t feel quite home, at least not yet. haha. My home is where I see tall buildings everywhere. Sampai kena ‘kuak-kuak bangunan baru nampak langit’! so to speak. Haha, cars honking and tailing break lights are common scenes. People with hectic lifestyle rushing everywhere and traffic jam is not an acceptable excuse. The episodes of me, keluar pintu rumah terus masuk kereta, start enjin, reverse keluar pagar, jalan..jalan lagi.. byr tol…jalan, jalan lagi masuk simpang keluar simpang…traffic light merah, traffic light hijau, belok kiri, belok kanan, sampai parking dalam bangunan ..pusing-pusing cari pula parking yang paling dekat dengan lift lobby, keluar kereta, masuk bangunan..balik, keluar bangunan masuk kereta reverse jalan balik umah, keluar kereta masuk rumah. Basically, I dont even walk!

Anyway , its damn hot and I had a strip tan on my facial skin with the hijab I’m wearing in less than 1 day to compare it with my 12 years of wearing hijab. I should be ok later. After I made this place my home. Ok lah I’m so sleepy.

P/S: I only slept for about 3 hours in this past two days.Till then!
P P/S: Terima kasih kepada semua yg datang menghantar saya ke airport. Yang tak datang pun ambil berat. Babai ngantuks. Dah, time to sleep. What a long day! (;

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