May u guys live happily ever after…

This is during Krie’s wedding, she is now a mother of one daughter. For our two other classmate couples Ena & Zaf, Pae & Hamiem coming soon this 8th march.

Our first urban design assigment is to do a 10 min movie of the city Perth. Interesting assigment as they say there is no better ways to potray a city and its people but through a film. So, huh..I didn’t have videocamera or any super-canggih gadgets, I have to fully use my faithful digicam for all the recording. To do that I had to empty all the pics inside the xd card but the problem is that my digicam is actually my photo album. Haha. I hardly empty it so I have hundreds of pics and it took me like 30 mins of time to transfer the pics to my computer..great!. Only then I realized that my so-called photo album is actually full of my friends and cousins wedding photos. One wedding after another, which ever one I managed to attend, but as far as I can recall..I went to all my friend weddings so far except for Nuha. Huhu jangan marah yer Nuha, masa kenduri hang hari tu clash dengan family events. So, this entry is a tribute to all my friends who find love and get married. Hope u guys live happily ever after..haahaa, wish for me too!!

zuha, my long-lost good friend

rina, this is the only photo of you I took on your wedding with my camera, lepas tu dah sibuk roger-roger dengan pak cu, zaim and faiz

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One Response to May u guys live happily ever after…

  1. byk lagi sbnrnye..later sambung upload gambar

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