THE most!

a friend of my asked me this question yesterday..
“if you had a chance to travel, where on earth do u really wants to go the most?”

my mind went jam for a while..
flashes of images of places and stories of magnificent building that i have seen from architecture books, magazine and damn flashy travel agent brochures racing to my mind.

it took me a while to answer it. why? hahah because I want to go to all places. since the question is “THE MOST” ..HAHAHA, ika can’t really decide! because the percentage of desires to go to all places is the same!! hahahaha…and, I knew at that moment, even if I answer that question then, the answer will not really be “the most”. This is not the first time I have been asked the same question…many many times and I had asked myself the same question too… mind goes jam again and again…it’s like flooded and stuck and can not think…if my head is a computer, it will hang not crash..just hang…hahahhaaha ;D

so, with that I want to make a list of places that i want to see ..haha..just to make sure next time i can answer that kind of question correctly…this list might not goes as priority or the most yet…i will try to reason myself for each places so then I wold know “the most”
hahahaha…Ok, here it go.:

(much celebrated country by people of art and design. i wish to see Pompidou Center design by Richard Roger because it is a building that is magnificant at its time of its construction..the philosophical and the art movement of Machine architecture n blabla..and so does th Eiffel Tower. do you know it was meant to be brought down after its construction? it was just an exhibition during industy revolution and art novou movement at that time..if im not mistaken. and other reason as well..of course, fashion. although i will not be spending money to buy al those desiger would be nice be in a city of fashion and haute couture!)

(cant think now, my mind starting to flood ..i’ll tell u the reason later)

(magnificent dessert, a piramid?duh pls..that is a must..! once in a life time!)

(i must experince the water canal and walk along it narrow street and dine at one of their famous alfresco cafe)

( owh, my god,. I cant think….damn, its MEDITERREAN! I can trade my whole life experience with just a day in Morocco!..phewww!) well, i guess maybe i have found “the most”? huhu.

ok I got sumething to do..continue later..

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