the other half of me

..well, not ‘that’ other half …

HAHA, today’s entry is about my other nickname…
have you heard about ..”It’s a bird!, it’s a plane, nooo… it’s IKA CHRYPURTOZA!!!” ;D


yeah i created that name, when I was 14….I remember I had a huge fight with my best friend over that name. Yupe, sounds so childish..well, we are 14 at that time!..

sume org kate species la, sejenis bacteria la, sejenis siput la (coz they cant pronounce it so it ends up sounded ‘siputoza’…hahahhaa..

guess what..there is no living thing that is named like that is not a name of a bird or a scientific name of a plant….not anything.

it is just ME.

funny story behind it..yeah, we got into a fight..over that name. my best friend can’t except it..its like..why do you need another name?! ..n i was, yeah , like it..suke hati la..why are you making a fuss out of it?..and she accused me of many things.. and called me nasty name..haha..childish girly-girlish fight n then she didn’t wants to speak with me for some period. I can’t remember how long. and then I remembered I felt so happy, pround with myself but yet upset..and not happy because of my friend don’t like it.

so, I drop the name for quite sume time. I think 4 years?
Then when I was spring cleaning my stuff, I went through my old stuff and notes..throwing all the old cloths and old collection of rubbish I tend to amazingly collect and there, I found it..
the between scribbles of my 14 years old handwritting..tadaa!

and I was like…wow, I created this when I was 14?
Why did I stop using it?..
and oohh yeah…the fight. when I think about it…hmm, I think maybe my friend was jealous of me back then…hahahahhaa 😀

so then..I start using it now and then..proudly as ever. Not many people know what it meant..yeah
It does have a meaning..literally and nostalgicly (not the fight with that best friend)
hahaha, and it ryhmes with my life too.

my life, my childhood life, my teenage life, my twenties life, my future life,
my dream life and my life now.

huhuh..hmmm, and that 1 person should feel so honoured because I once give that person the honour to be associated with the name…its never been done before… and I don’t really actually purposed associated it but it just happens…fate?..hmm

but it’s all history…


added later: guess what?! yesterday someone thought that I might have descendant from greek bcoz of the name I put as my facebook name..mann, this is really funny.

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