life, time & perfection.

lame dah x ade entry baru. Sebenarnye baru bace blog org lain. So, tetibe ter’xcited’ plak. teringat blog y lame tak ade entry baru. haha. nak kate x de cerite, tipulah, byk je cerite. konon2 x de mase, konon busy wat design and assignment la..haha. (bullshit! ;p) ..partially, betul ape…;p lebih focus (bullshit lagi) ;p …ok shadap ika.

the point is, entry ni nk cerite about ‘masa’. well, i think time is always overrated..(the truth is I always thought that life, time & perfection are overrated!) sile angkat tangan sape setuju.

Tadi baru bace satu blog membe ni. Antara blog2 org y saye enjoy bace. x merapu x over. Talk about reality and being funny at the same time. I seriously enjoyed myself reading it. (sampai teruja nk buat entry jugak…haha)

The thing is, the author of the blog is a mom of 2 child, currently doing her phd. and writes a blog! she also writes children’s book!. that’s a handful of things already but yet she manage to blog. beautifully. (although she talks about food (my favorite subject) and her two children (wonders why I always hear people talk about kids lately..hmm..engagement, wedding & kids..hmm ..(~_?)) most of time but the way she writes about life is so inspiring.

Teringat diri sendiri ni. byk sangat alasan. haha. lazy bum. me.
teringat what my mom used to said, everybody is given 24 hours a day by God. so, no excuse.

Design is crazy . I know. (yeah, tell me about it)
But then what is the different between you. hannah. sean. mimi. sarah dan mereka semua.

Design is freakingly crazy this time. and life was and will always full of expectation.
Purr-fection? is indeed overrated. as always.

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