home sweet home?

haaah, finally home. My very first time of being home after a very long time away.

Yeah, YEAY. Hooorah. Woowhooooo. Hip-hip hurayyy!. I’m home… and then what?
hahaha. I was laughing at myself now and then everytime remembered about my excitement to go home when I was in Perth.

Bukan je excitement but yet I have to admit stress pun ade. nk beli tulah nilah as souvenier. rasa macam semua orang pun nak bagi. But yet reality check, I am a student here not ‘bergaji’. so whatever jelah. hopefully, mereka-mereka itu berpuas hati dengan souvenier yang tak seberapa tu.

I remembered that I could not really sleep well for a couple of days before the flight to Malaysia. Terfikir mase tu, ape orang expect la(not about the souvenier but some people become more judgemental about certain issues). huh. stressful. But again, what is life without a little bit of stress, right?

and now, here I am. Funny how things just remain the same after such different things happen to you on the other side of your life. I guess if I was never in Perth I would not see how (i have no words for this yet ‘stagnant’? same? still? routine) my previous life was?

hmm. i guess this is the time for me to say alhamdulillah to allah for giving me this chance. Anyway, it does feel good to be home. 😀

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One Response to home sweet home?

  1. eh, camne ena tau ika ade blog?..hahaha..lame dah ena, mase kat ukm lagi, tapi punye la malas nak update. Blog i 'lame' jer follower pun sorang je…haha… "mari kite support industri blog tanahair!!"

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