ditch Guess’s handbags!!

I have found one online shop that sells very cute purses and bags in leather and cloth.
Their designs are inspired from vintage era. and I’m loving it!!
It is quite pricey, though. huuuh (ok guys, let’s start ‘kumpul duit). My guess they really pay attention to the quality.

Let’s ditch Guess handbags guys!!
(I never very like it anyway, since it had become trends, and everybody rushes to buy one)
definitely not my thing. (T_T)’

If I am to buy such branded bags, I’ll rather buy MIMCO. always love MIMCO or FOSSIL (maybe..hahahah you wish!).

Anyway, this is the website http://www.onlymidge.com.au
establish by a Melbourne based designer Miranda Bourke.

My search for a good, handmade, local designer, leather messenger bags and clutches are over! good Lord.
and if I am to search for more, I’ll search for something similar but a bit cheaper.

So guys, let’s ditch Guess handbangs!!
(the only stuff that I can tolerate with Guess are their t-shirts, jeans, and glasses but not the handbags..puh-leez)

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