HER ROOM IS MY CLOSET! : The purple Titanic t-shirt

One fine morning, after a refreshing shower, as I stare at my ‘not-so-much-looking-like-a-wardrobe’(Is actually my 20” luggage bag which is currently ‘my temporary wardrobe’ since I had arrived home) wondering what  comfortable to wear, I saw my purple Titanic T-shirt. Nicely folded and on the top of my sister’s study desk which is next to ‘my temporary wardrobe’.
 “aah, lovely” I said.
The T-shirt had enormously expended since it is first bought. The image on the shirt once black and bold now has become faded, cracked and almost unseen, with some small hole at the Kate Winslate face.
I still remember this specific episode of my life. I was 12 or 13 years old at that time and the film Titanic was such a hit back then. The time when every souvenir shops have Titanic caps, mugs, bags, everything Kate Winslate or Leonardo de Caprio and that legendary sinking ship. I, back then, was one of the millions people in the world moved by that sad romantic love story.
 Now tell me, who would not. So sad so romantic. Exactly like what Maria Elena in Vicky Christina Barcelona had said “only unfulfilled love could be romantic”. You know, that kind of romantic. I still think that movie was beautiful. Although, I know how lame that could be.
Anyhow, I was about 13 years old at that time and it was in Port Dickson. Our family had our annual holiday at RRIM Rest House. School holiday, sand, swimming, laughter,fun, beaches, ‘pelampung itik’ and all. There was a row of souvenir shops nearby. We were often given a chance to buy any souvenir that we like from there. Once I had a jewelry box, seashells bracelet, T-shirts with the word PD or Port Dickson written all over it, small coin purse and other things I could not remember.
That time around I had chosen a T-shirt when my mom asked me what I would like to bring home.
Simply because, at the age of thirteen, I had already develop the famous excuse that a girl will always give whenever she looks in to her wardrobe.
“maaa, ika x de baju laaa nak pakai…” imagining the pile of clothes that some could be partially folded and some are not in a recess area in my room.
So, when my eyes scanning the rack of T-shirts in most of the shops over there, I could not help to notice Kate Winslate, that handsome Leonardo de Caprio and that sinking ship were everywhere. So, I thought that must be the trend! (Lame I know, laugh all you can) so without hesitation I chose the purple T then just to realized what a lame decision that was, three weeks later.
It has been years now. Still, it was the most comfortable T-shirt I ever had. It reminds me about a life span of a T-shirt before it could be throw away. It is a memory to me.
A memory that is called ‘home’ – with smiles, laughter and the people that you love most. 😉
(the truth is that her entire room is actually my wardrobe, not that I’m wearing her cloths, but because my clothes are all over her room. Hanging behind the door, on her desk, over her bed post, on her bed, on the floor which are the dirty clothes mounting at one corner and the 20” luggage cum wardrobe. And the fact that I do not sleep in her room makes the actuality that her room is my closet would seems more accurate. And the truth that she will be so furious if she discovers this whenever she comes back home but then there is nothing she could says to it because I’m her big sister or because she knows that I’m just ‘temporary’ or because she just too bothered to says anything at all makes the whole ‘her room is my closet’ idea more intriguing to me) ;p
Dear zahidah, your big sister do loves you. Don’t get it wrong, the whole your room is my wardrobe thingy is just cliché. Some people just need drama in their life and I love the idea of being spoiled! 
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