Hi peeps,

Activity for today. Stalking.
I have become a constant stalker these a few months. It started with just me ‘google’ing myself.
Pelik kan?.. haha.. Just wondering how do I look like or sounds like or shall I say, reads like?
(since people actually read the text on the computer screen) ..hmm.

‘Google’ing Me. menarik x?.

haha..ok. Anyway, back to the story.
So, it all started me ‘google’ me. hmm. I have told that part already, didn’t I?
Then I start to google the people in my family,…then my friends on facebook….then the people i hate ….. then my ‘crush’ (-es? plural) …yes, that includes highschool crush, uni crush, after uni crush….my ex..tidak terketinggalan dalam aktiviti lagha ini.

hahaha..ika ‘lame’!

yeah lame or not lame. you never believe how easy it is to find people! especially in cyberspace.
you never believe what I have found…ngehngehngeh. Disebabkan I know people can google me and actually reads this entry so, I cannot ‘mempamerkan’ finding-finding research berjaya ini.

Interesting. Really. I just know that a bit about that person’s name and I just click and click. and VOILA!  
dengan tuk nek dia suma keluar.. heheehe.
like I told you, you never know what u can get!!! surprise surprise.

Just some tips. sometimes they don’t use their full name. just use their facebook name or twitter name….

so happen to be it is not easy to be invisible nowaday. hehe ;p

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