passion for life?

Oh my, how I had forgotten my passion for reading and writing. Selepas terbaca entry Sheri pasal novel and the Shopaholic series, then I teringat that one passion I used to have. creative writing!. gosh, I know my writing is always lame (huhu, the way I sees it) and I know about my speech trouble ( I always left my sentence open, or unfinished either in English or Malay). But this is something that I like ever since ..I don’t remember when.

Being an architecture student, or should I say creative industry, I have always asked myself what are other things I can do other than designing building. We, architecture freak, always have the urge the need to design la (mula la berangan nk jahit baju sendiri la or ada fashion line sendiri la) graphics la (kononye nak buka design company) even architecture firm (I don’t know about this one-too huge for me)….I do think of all that..but it doesn’t  feels quite right (too small, too big lah) .. but yes to writing!. something that I can handle myself.

Teringat kat someone who used to be my long-lost crush (name shall not mention because he is about to get married! haha yes not to me – I don’t blame him though, for things do not work out between us. It was me, I know. hmm-tetiba terase nak tersenyum. 🙂 I know we have chemistry though despite everything. Tapi tak pe lah. Maybe we are not meant to be together pun anyway. Allah lebih mengetahui) Point is, teringat yang dia ni pernah introduce me to an editor. Just a few weeks before I fly to Perth. We actually meet up for something else after such a long long years of lost contact and it was a coincidence that his editor friend was there.So, he introduced us and said “haa, ika kan suka menulis”.

I thought the gesture he did, still remembers that I used to write and love it, was so sweet. I have given up writing many years ago!. Not really given up just forgotten as I busy myself becoming boring architecture minion. Hmmm, sweet.

Suddenly, I remember how I used to write poems, and actually I did write a novel when I was 10 and 12 years old. Inspired by the ‘Sweet Valley Twin’ series. hahaha. Well, the first one actually more like a short story and the second one meant to be a novel but it was never finished. hmm. yang kedua tu sebenarnya kisah collage student..funny to think of it. I was 12, darjah 6, at that time but I wrote about collage student. A life I had ever experience yet. It was not that bad from the last time I read it. Boleh lah. Standard buku Ahadiat Akashah. (not sure how his name were spelled-don’t bother to check). But see… that is me! right? long lost forgotten me.

hmm. Well, I did entered some writing competition though. I won one. But that doesn’t count much because I had a group then. It was a group work and we won third prize. hmm. but still something kan? betul tak?

okies. Here is my resolution to my enliven my dreams and passion.

 1 – Just start with this blog!I know I always abandon you…but this is the start, right!?.
Update-Correct the language mistake-Market (market this blog thru facebook, YM, comment on other blog or blablabla)

2 – install gadgets! (counter, rss feed, blablablabla)

3 – continue to write in proper language. Malay or English. but one sentence has to complete with one language

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