money made out of water..

point of topic?
duit senang gila mengalir macam air…tup tup tup …dah habis..

story mory…

I went out to the city today, well, my mission was to accompany Soraya doing her shopping. and yes, I also have 1 errr ok 2 maybe, 2 small mision too ;).. …5 hours of city Perth..pi mai pi mai pusing-pusing Hay Street Muray Street. Punyalah nak kate Perth city kecik nak mampuih.. 5 hour of tour is enough! …ok ok the truth is I didn’t cover ALL parts of  the city…just Hay Street and Murray Street, the shopping area.
Conclusion of today’s shopping tour is that we didn’t get to go to the shops above Myer. phewww..penat..kaki sudah K.O.

Jalan-jalan suka hati.. ngee! :)….

love the hat! 😛 (don’t i look fat?..hmm, who cares!)

me, soraya and hatssssssss

definately ‘hat’ – not!

tunggu su dengan kaki I yang dah penat..changing room dalam David Jones cantik..harus ambik gambar. ngee!

I just want to take picture of him not recording him or what. But he got mad because I didn’t ‘sedekah’ to him…so, apa lagi  I lariksss….ngeee…ok ok I get it.. artist cari makan.

The day ended with me managed to accompany Su, and completed my mission!..which is 2 polo neck and a black cardi. ;)…
p/s: yes yes I still remember that I am on a STRICT ‘budget’ (..not diet)…but it doesn’t cost a thing! (liar!)..ok doesn’t cost much…ceh…BY THE WAY, it is a wardrobe staple! …
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