I just realised I didn’t do much of entry about love.
Irony, because that is what occupied my head for most of the time

Do you know that there are still nights I cannot sleep thinking of you.
There are still nights that I cried myself thinking of you.

Pathetic. Yes. I know.

the thing is, I know I am already over you. TOTALLY.
I have open myself for others, you know.
And there are others, you know..

but it just happen. The tears.

hmm. Did you treat me like trash…not much, tho. I’m just exaggerating here. But, of course all my good friends said you don’t deserve me.
The truth is that we have nothing in common..

Well, maybe the tears is for how we could have be a lot of things in common.
But again. It doesn’t happen that way.
and I’m glad it doesn’t.

I want you to know that I am actually glad it didn’t happen…that we don’t have a lot of things in common.
Life would take a different twist if we do.
I don’t want that twist.
Not with you.

The tears. It just happen now and then.So much drama, I can see.
It is not for us tho.
It is for you.
That is too bad you are not here with me now.

I have an awesome life, didn’t I? Too bad you are not here.

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