Finally after deep contemplation…a HOLGA

There, there..

After deep contemplation of either getting a Holga, a Diana F+ or Diana mini, I finally decided to postpone the contemplation to later, when I just purchased a Holga K200 with fish eye lens and color flash. two words. just awesome… and the fact that I got it in a 50% sale was very much satisfying.*big grin*.

Although, at the first moment of touching the camera when I open the box really gives a little bit of walk down the memory lane as I remembered that I used to play with this same kind of camera long long time ago. It was Papa’s camera that I used to play and keep asking him again and again of how to load the film, why it is not working the way I want it to work, why it keeps getting stuck… hehe.
(I was a little bit impatient at that time and was a little bit rough of handling it)..Papa will just smile and keep saying the same thing over and over again while fixing it for me and I will just stand next to him waiting and making a grumpy (‘tarik muncong’ he used to call that expression) face. haha.

“dengan camera ni kene sabar, lembut, pelan-pelan je”
translation: you have to be patient and care when handling it…not to rush it or force it.

(haha..i told you ..walk down the memory lane)

Anyway, I went to Pigeonhole earlier the day with the same quest to seek information a.k.a “window shopping” and had a bit chat with the sales girl about Holga and Diana mini. YES! she was on my side (Diana mini is super-awesome!) and had somehow made me decide to still get a Diana mini later.

I have not started using it yet…it needs a battery and a film. Will keep posting about it later.

mission : IKA GOING LOMO.
item one – get a plastic camera. CHECKED (yeay!)

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