I am grateful.

Alhamdulillah, it was approved.

Such a crazy semester this is. The beginning and the ending. Although a lot of new things happening, with His blessing I settled down nicely I believed. Alhamdulillah, with the results, decisions, change of winds in a lot of things….alhamdulillah it went well. It is not easy and I try to look at all downs with positive perspective. Ada hikmah di atas semua yang terjadi.

I hope the trip I’m planning will be the closure of semester 1, 2010.  Ya, Allah.. all of this will not happen without your blessings, and every tests you put me through bring me closer to you. Syukur, kau takdirkan aku berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan yang membantu…

Alhamdulillah..besarnya kuasamu.
Ya, Allah. you are most loving, most merciful and kind.

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One Response to I am grateful.

  1. Itulah kuasa Allah yang maha berkuasa. Dimana2 Dia tetap bersama kita dan sentiasa mengasihi diri kita. Bagaimana pula diri kita dengan Nya…..

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