2 un-open tins of condensed milk and evaporated milk

yes, this is the story of 2 un-open tins of condensed milk and evaporated milk that sit in my room for no specific reason. if you read about my previous entry (sahur with Bounty) you would understand the continuity of why i am doing this post.

no real super significant reason for that 2 un-open tins of condensed milk and evaporated milk that sit in my room.

1. It is un-open because it is new. still wrap in that grey Coles plastic bag.
2.1 tin of condensed milk and 1 tin of evaporated milk because that is what it takes to make an awesome Teh Tarik.

Many thanks to my waitressing job, now i am an expert in making Teh Tarik, which i loathed so much some time ago in my past. Now i know that a good the tarik will taste a little bit tea-bitter, sweet, hot and creamy…with a lot of froth. hmm, now i even salivating trying to describe it.

This is reveling some special episodes of my life. Making teh susu/ tek tarik for mama every evening after she comes back from work. Papa drinks teh O, simpler although he did steal a sip or two from mama’s teh tarik mug. However, this entry is about teh tarik.

I use to hate it when that moment come. You know, it is nature…you grumble whenever mom asks you to do things. not in a serious way.  you make faces. that is the law of children-mother thing. hukum colour meng’olour’  ke empat puluh.

however, in my many attempts to grumbles and protest, i did secretly get a little bit focus and experimenting with the tea as i was always wondering what does it takes to make a perfect teh tarik. most of the attempts fail i end up making the tea too diluted or too tea-bitter or too sweet. haha. my common conclusions at that times were, ahh, mama was just to difficult too please. whatever.

i also know that the teh tarik we often gets at the mamak stall has a little mix of something. i forgot the name of the thing. something that old people eats with sireh. the one that gives the tea colour a reddish tint. i think that is what makes me hated teh tarik earlier, I usually will have headache after a sip of two of mamak’s teh tarik. well, that thing is not a common stuff one can find in the household fridge. the other recipes i have heard before is using a mixture of condensed milk and evaporated milk. that is quite common i think. but i never really tries it at home for mama. i think papa did it before once or twice.

anyhoo, the point is that now is the holy month of ramadhan and also month of so many awesome food. i suddenly feels like having teh tarik at home. that is why i have those tins in my room.

oh but.. my days of ramadhan this year, this particular semester is filled with shitfs at rasa nyonya. once in a while i can get free teh tarik. most of the times actually. so, that is the reason why the 2 tins are still in my room not downstairs at the kitchen.

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