I had my sahur with Bounty, the chocolate bar

I woke up around 5 am today morning for sahur. It was cold as usual in this house at this time of the year and I my laziness gets even worse. I woke up to realize, oh I actually don’t have anything cooked yet for sahur and imsak is in 30 minute time. Don’t even bother to move my lazy butt out of the bed or even try to cook anything simple, my eye scan the room for something edible and filling at this hour. 

hmm, I have 2 chocolate square, 1 packet of plain biscuit I wonder myself why I even bother to buy it in the first place, 2 un-open tins of condensed milk and evaporated milk (don’t ask me why I have that milk in my room), salted peanuts in the Tupperware, a bar of Mars and a bar of Bounty. 

For a second I thought of why don’t I have something more filling like bread or muffin in this room. Then I thought probably I wouldn’t like to see bread crumbles everywhere, that is why I don’t keep them here.

hmm. Mars would be too sweet at this hour and the after taste of peanuts is not what I’m feeling like to have because  I’m planning to sleep after this, so I thought Bounty would do.

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So, that’s it at 5 10 am in the morning I’m having Bounty for sahur. ENERGY 482kJ    it says at the back of the packing. how much is 482kJ?. I shrug my shoulder, I don’t even bother. Hoping that would last enough for the next 12 hours and 30 minutes.

I was sitting on the bed fully covered in my warm quilt and suddenly I have this funny thought in my mind. You know at the same time I was actually thinking how do mama and papa survive all this. Waking up for sahur, waking up us for sahur even cook sometimes (one have to know me very well to know I did not survive in waking up early morning very well)..well how did she do it. how did she manage to do it and makes me always think that waking up for sahur is a must. and being lazy is totally out of question. where does the motivation comes from? You know, because I know with my 25 years of living that there are some people…parents don’t even bother to teach their children to have proper sahur and all the meanings behind it very well.

hmmph, I wonder being 25 years old and 8 months,  lazy to cook something for myself or not having the discipline to do such blessful routine, could be an exceptable excuse.

There is something very amusing to me about eating Bounty for sahur on the bed like that. Not to mention I was in my innocence lazy childish face when that happen. That is why I’m having a flash of how my future would be if this kind of lazyness continue.

      my 5 years old child was sitting on the dining table, with that cute childish sleepy face but still faithfully ready for sahur asking me 

       “mom, what are we gonna eat for sahur today?” 

a very vague silhouette was sitting across the table in a slouchy sleepy manner whom i don’t have any vivid visual imaginary of the face yet but somehow in this flash, he is suppose to be the husband. i was at the kitchen over the counter rumbling through the kitchen cabinet. Finally walking towards the table with three bars of some shiny blue white-ish packaging.

       “here,have Bounty. don’t complain much. at least we are having sahur for blessing….and it has 483 kilo Joule of energy”

Gosh, I know I would not be forgiven by the society-of-perfect-mothers if that is even a reality.
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