I bite!

Why do I feel as if I have to hate you, when I don’t?

I think I got the answer to your cold ass reaction to me lately. Lately is around 4-5 years, yeah

I think u may think that I am a threat to YOU. ahaha. I can’t believe this.
I am a THREAT to somebody. yo, I a THREAT!

ahaha. Beware yo, I may bite! uhuh, I can’t imagine that.


Now now, who do you think is stupid?
Me for being naive all this long.
or YOU. For thinking I’m your threat.

Can’t we have a healthy competition if, if a competition is what you want… I gueeess not, considering the situation. *smirking.

I know someone who have find truce..isn’t it better that way? but, I don’t think truce is what u after

So, bring it on, bia-tch! May the best girl wins.

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