This is where my heart is


i heart all this clutches SO MUCH.
please somebody buy it for me. hukhukhuk.

damn. they are nice but pricey. well, i think not that bad actually to compare it with AUD. i was just holding myself waiting for a perfect moment to grab it. perfect moment a.k.a when there is events to match with.

i weep myself for this one
(really good for wedding. yours or mine ;p)

and this one.  T_T

ok, may be friends wedding….
*duh, seems like lots of friends already wedded when im stranded here in Perth. but never mine there is always wedding for me to attend, right?, right!

and this one. sweet. huhu. 
i’m drooling. salivating. weeping…huhu

look at this gorgeous! me one puhleaz.

waaaaaa. T_T



uhuk uhuk

 well at least buy me this one! it is on sale $55. please.
buy me this one!!
all of these gorgeous clutches is from etsy. 
now that i have give you the link, so please buy one for me. thank you.
 i will love you forever if you do.
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