It’s one of those nights

I cannot sleep. It’s one of those nights, I can’t shut my mind off no matter how tired I am. My mind is just like a thinking machine. It gets restless. I wasn’t thinking anything important tho, just normal daily stuff. Things to do kind of stuff.

Nowadays, I always tried to be tired daytime so I can sleep peacefully at night. Seems now that doesn’t really works. I was working my waitressing job this afternoon. Supposedly, I should be tired now. My eyes can shut but the mind drift endlessly like a boat in the open sea, wandering in the abyss of moonlit darkness. Forever.

Wishing that my mind right now is like a computer. I can just shut down and turn it on anytime. I wish I had a wheel to run on like the one pet rats always have in their cage. Do you know why only those rats have wheels in their cage? Rats tend to gets active at night. They are the creatures of night. That is why you can only see rats at night and those pet rats need to have running wheels so they can finish up all their energy and become restful afterwards. I need one in my room. A threadmill perhaps. At least then I can workout these extra lumps at my hips. Hmm, good idea. I should get a second hand treadmill or that cycling workout gear.

Irony, is it? I was born in the year of Rat according to Chinese zodiac.

Did you notice that? That threading flow of thoughts I have at this hour. Gosh, I can’t shut down. How do people do it?

Hmm, do remind me to go jog and burn all this energy out tomorrow evening. Down at the river while I’m still living here.

Gosh, this small blackberry keypad is killing me. Great for text-ing not for long thoughful blogging in the middle of the night. Anyway, my arms hand and finger feels tired now. Good I’m feeling tired now.

Yawn. Goodnight.

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