Job hunting

hmm. I got a reply from Bateman Architects this morning. It was a polite reply saying I didn’t get the job. That’s ok. It doesn’t feels like the world’s going to end. Now I have realised, yes, it is quite challenging to find a job here. I rather not say that it is hard. Well, partly because I wasn’t trying hard enough anyway (count in “ferhan-design-effortnotlessbutnone”.

I did felt a bit crushed when the library rejected me the first time. Maybe because I had such high hopes for that ones. It’s ok, tho. I’m fine with all this. It’s job hunting anyway.

All of this reminds of my earlier days in “setting my foot”. Well, this time around it does feels a little bit weird. I noticed I didn’t get much of rejection experiences in the past(minus ‘Harris Architects-internship interview’ experience). All I can remembered, back in those days in Malaysia, I used to get in for the interviews at least.. and they will call if you got the job. So, normally, if you didn’t received any phone call from the company means you didn’t get the job.

well, the previous job I got (which I recall as the best job/position I got so far, considering the situation)I believe is purely lucky chance, I didn’t applied for it at all, they called for me. hmm maybe 70% chances, 30% effort. (or maybe it was previous effort that pays)

yeah, this time around. It’s different. haha. Those emails is like a smack to my face saying, NO, YOU DIDN’T GET THE JOB. Get OVER IT. in polite words.

OK, I need to get over this. Try harder next time.

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