sit there quitely

Please please please please sit there quietly. Don’t shop, don’t browse, don’t browse and shop. Fucking don’t do internet shopping whatever. Don’t call oversea until you had extend your limit. Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t. The truth is one cannot afford it. One has no safety net whatsoever. One is not like the other. Do not try to compliment them. Do not. Because fucking later, they do not come to your rescue.

Pity yourself more then you pity the rest.

Yes living like a rich celebrity was fun. But all that fun is over now. Over.

The truth is fucking scary.
Like watching a scary horror movie.
Even if one manage to brave up to watch one scary horror movie, the truth and reality scared even more. No point to brave up this time.

No more, “owh, its just a little bit, it won’t hurt” No. No. No. A pinch hurt more.

No more this kind of accident. No more.
No more slips of mind. No more.

One has to survive now.
Pity yourself more then you pity the rest.
One has to survive.

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