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Boy meets girl

I always have a thing for men’s wear. Not saying their big sizes shirts and trousers to compare it with my petite figure but, the elements. Cufflinks, waistpocket watch, suspenders, trousers, black polish shoes, crisp shirt, jackets, blazer and even … Continue reading

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I finally did it!!!

Finally, I managed to get my ear pierced! haha pretty lame huh? when others have done that in their early years before womenhood, I got mine done when I’m 26 technically 27 this year!. uh-huh, though sound a bit lame, … Continue reading

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Let me tell you a secret.

I love KL. I love Malaysia. Who doesn’t? Great food. Great families. Great friends. Great places. Great shopping. One uniquely asia. I did sound like malaysia tourism commercial, no? haha. But true, this is my hometown. This is where my … Continue reading

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An obi? definitely not obi wan kenobi.

Hello again. I know, second entry in one night. Can’t hold myself this time..another brilliant finding I can’t keep it as a secret. Best part about this one is that I was thinking about one from 2 weeks ago, shopped … Continue reading

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Oh, lets go 1920!

Another brilliant etsy findings that is in my wishlist now. I know. I am awesome. Owh, here’s the link, Now that you know about it, go. Go get one for me. Love you a million times if you do. … Continue reading

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Why it is called ‘lighting moments’

Very well, this is just another page about my new found interest. photography. but I like to call it “lighting moments”. The reasons why are simple. 2 things. I believe camera captures lights in certain moments. A photo reveals moments … Continue reading

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365 things to do in Perth before you die

Okay. there’s no such list. Not that I know. it’s actually a commercial tagline I saw on the internet some days ago. A friend was half teasing me “was it your blog title or something?” hmm well, I thought that … Continue reading

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