yes, true love is always romantic

Couldn’t agree more. True love is always romantic. Romantic because in a true love story the guy and the girl can never be together. Either one died, one suffered. That’s just the way it goes. Cinderella story
is not romantic. So does Snow White. They all end with ‘happily ever after’. That’s why they fall into fairy tales section. True, no?

A true romantic love story is like Romeo and Juliet. Or like Laila and Majnun. Like Titanic, or….damn, I forgot the tittle of the movie. But, yeah you got the point. It’s romantic because only one has to survived to tell the story.

hmm, why again did I do this entry on the subject of love?


…………I know


I longed for the day where you are beyond me. way beyond. The day when all the memories of you are like looking at pictures of random strangers…

“Do I know you?”

“Owh, yes. I think I remembered you from somewhere”

It has been 2 years and counting, but I am still struggling. huhhhhphuhhh. Darn.
Yeah. You are kind of wayyyy beyond already.
But I still sigh every time the subject of you cross the mind.
Sighing is what I don’t want.
Sighing is bad. A bad sign.

I want it to be blank. Empty. Nada. Nothing..if you cross the mind again.

Some says the best way to recover from bad relationship is another relationship. I think I’m ready. Believe me! I have done enough to show I’m ready. Physical. Mentally. huh . But I guess not quite emotionally. Hmm, this is bad sign isn’t it?

Ok. Note to self: google how to be emotionally ready..I thank god, we have google.

Dear god, please blessed the creator of google. They might be bad people or good people with bad intention. They might be Your least favourite people. But they are genius. And I pray your Lord, their geniuses comes no where else other than You-the most gracius, most knowledgeable..

Bless those people. Bless me and my relationship status. Amen.

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