365 things to do in Perth before you die

Okay. there’s no such list. Not that I know. it’s actually a commercial tagline I saw on the internet some days ago. A friend was half teasing me “was it your blog title or something?” hmm well, I thought that could be a good idea, tho. Why not. Something to ramble about for someone who like to ramble random things like me.

So, There you go. My bucket list of things to do in Perth. Very well, morelike things that I do in Perth since new year 2011 just 13 days ago and I did discover that tagline somewhere near new year celebration.

New Year Eve/Day 1 = accept 3 stranger’s invitation

Accepted an invitation to gig party near the beach by a guy I only knew for about 10 hours earlier. Stay until count down. Run like mad toward the birds at the beach. Watch the fireworks. Decided to accept another two hitchhiker’s offer to sent them home for $50 which is 1 hour out of our way at 2 o’clock in the morning.

p/s: I didn’t went to that party with that stranger, but with two trustable mates. Btw, that hitchikers probably were not drunk may be a bit tipsy and I was a bit reluctant at first then thought with all good things that had happened that night what worse could it be just to let my guard down a bit. So, it was sort of like a road trip since the journey to Rockingham from Fremantle felt like forever in the dark..and owh nothing beats the stars above that night. It was perfect. The most perfect sky I had ever seen.

Perfect random things all in one night, except that I didn’t get a kiss when the clock stroked new year. haha. Fair enough. that part of story I keep it with me. wink.

Day 2 = send someone to airport

That is something you need to experience if you are studying in Perth. Bare in mind when I said experience this because a journey to the airport always gives me some sort of anxiety or anxiousness although it is not me who is flying. haha. I’m being emotional yes I am. well, so many feelings and memories down that lane.

Day 8 = do cinema hopping

Go to hyot’s and only pay for the first movie, $3 hot chocolate and stay from 12.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

p/s : before hand borrow 3D glasses from a friend so you can hop in to 3D movies as well. Bring jacket in case you gets cold and McD burgers for lunch inside because you cannot go out from the cinema. And, owh. this is a must do because you definitely cannot do it at any cinema in KL. But, shuhh.. keep it a secret ya!.

Day 13 = do self haircut

Yes I did that on day 13th. First, because to get a haircut can be so expensive here. Plus I don’t know how to tell people how I wanted with my hair without sounding too demanding. Secondly, my ends need trimming. so, self hair cut is the best kind of cut.

Day 15 = go back to your home country!
yeahaha. I came to KL for just 3 weeks. That is enough. It’s like becoming a tourist at your own home country. This is another Must-Do.

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