Let me tell you a secret.

I love KL. I love Malaysia. Who doesn’t?

Great food. Great families. Great friends. Great places. Great shopping. One uniquely asia.

I did sound like malaysia tourism commercial, no?
haha. But true, this is my hometown. This is where my heart supposedly be.


I hate the traffic. I hate the hazy sky and the dust everywhere. Ok, maybe because I live in KL. I know, I know other parts of Malaysia is not like that. Just that my nose, eyes and skin couldn’t agree with my heart. My nose got all runny, my eyes swollen, huge, my skin all itchy all the time, you name it..and I can’t stand that. Because my nose, skin and eyes is where my mood is. Do the math. I’m all moody all the time. (did I just type all twice? hmm, get the point?)

Ok maybe all of that is just an excuse. If you know me well, you know the reason why my hometown currently bore me to death. Did you read that well? I said CURRENTLY. Not forever.

haha. Very well, maybe that is because not where my heart is. Currently.

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