Boy meets girl

I always have a thing for men’s wear. Not saying their big sizes shirts and trousers to compare it with my petite figure but, the elements. Cufflinks, waistpocket watch, suspenders, trousers, black polish shoes, crisp shirt, jackets, blazer and even a bow!

I do have some visions on these kind of wear..haha. sounds kinky? don’t!

I’m saying one can look effortlessly chic, classy, sophisticated and powerful with just adding one masculine element to one’s outfit.

Here’s a link talking about things I totally agree for inspiration. Even Coco Chanel would agree with me.

What I’m saying is not just about stealing your boyfriend’s jacket or wearing a grandfather hand down cufflinks, but also to wear the attitude!

Like I always say to myself everytime PMS mood swing kicking in,

“Man up!”

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2 Responses to Boy meets girl

  1. thank you for dropping by, Sha. 😉

    Yes, very true indeed!

  2. I love men’s wear too but not necessarily on me hehe. I like to go to men’s clothes shops and browse through their collections…

    But I can see how men’s wear can be modest dressing for Muslimahs as well.

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