I finally did it!!!

Finally, I managed to get my ear pierced! haha pretty lame huh? when others have done that in their early years before womenhood, I got mine done when I’m 26 technically 27 this year!. uh-huh, though sound a bit lame, just a quick note here. I’m not that left behind anyway. Mom did get us, my sister and I, to be ear-pierced when I was 8 or 7 but a horrifying memory that was when the piercing didn’t turn out well and got infected. (I’ll story on that one later). Conclusion, the hole didn’t survived and I’ve never wear any earring after that so consider it is not there anymore.

Today, a history it is, a wish comes true…and it wasn’t that horrifying as I remember.

Here it is!

Ignore the pimples here and there ok! that is not the topic now. All au naturel here, including no photoshop-ping.

and owh, look what I found on google.

always love one like that. Divine!

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