I don’t think I like flights anymore

Taking the plane ride wasn’t as fun and anticipating as it was before. I hate it now. I hate doing it solo especially, had enough of that already. No wonder some people prefer not to go out at all. It wasn’t fun and dreamy as it was. I do not look at the sky and try to look for plane flying across anymore. If I spotted one, I’ll looked a way. I’m sick of it. Now just about 24hours more and I’m feeling feverish, nauseous, anxious and all of that sort. I swear I won’t take flights alone anymore.

Perth, please be a tad more exciting when I’m back. I indeed, need a good surprise, some good pleasant news to make life not as mundane as it already is. Please. I don’t like to beg. but, can I make this as an exception?

or perhaps, by fate, I could have meet someone sincerely handsome on the flights? that would help. ngee~ owh, not just meet. Bummed into and flirt would be more correct. Haha, that would definitely make me feels feverish, nauseous, anxious and all of that sort about something else which is good. no? A slight diversion is maybe what I need.

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