Concentrate please

Waking up this morning I promised myself to at least finish up the floor plans for a new house I had to design for a client. So it went and went again and again in my head. floor plan floor plan floor plan for today. Slightly before noon I receivd a phone call from my part time waiteressing job.

“hello ika, are you here already?”
*here as in Perth.

“yes, yes, what’s up? Do you want me to come work?”
*half excited, shifts mean $ and worried at the same time thinking about the drawings I had promised myself to produce.

“yeah, come at seven tonight can arr?”

“great! I’ll be there by seven.”

Seven means I have to get out from the house at 630 and light dinner/ shower at six. Bummer. My inability to focus has succeeded in breaking my promise to myself. Blame 1 month winter hols, 5 months of non design work semester and 3 months of summer holiday-ing. Urgh. I was happily browsing the net jumping from one topic to another from skirts, blogwaking, doing this entry, googling muffin recipe that I thought I manage to make before off to work only to remember I don’t have muffin trays, searching for house design inspiration, lunch, snacking and doing my drawing in between. Time spend on the drawing was just about 10 to 20 mins of focus or so. Bummer again. I somewhat sense danger here. These, all of above reasons cannot go on forever.

Looks like you going to be abandon again. uhuh. It’s already 5.40 hmm.

Remind me to be more discipline. Next semester full of challenge is just a week away.

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