2 cents inspiration

Just thought of sharing some interior inspiration from Capital kitchen in Chadstone Shopping Centre Precint, Melbourne. I love the idea of having a not-just-some-fancy-trendy cafe but also a furniture/homeware store. (but I hate crappy food these kind of restaurant always sells. Too much selling impression rather than the real essence) Truely an interpretation of Bernard Tsumi’s cross-programming of space and function. (ahaha. see? I did paid attention to 2nd year En Nik’s architectural theories lessons, not just on him! ;p)

Also,a brilliant play of colour and texture contrast on the rugged brick wall and clean cut interior speaks high in detail consideration. What I love most is the tall corner window turn bar bench like feature. Can you spot that modified 1930s French industrial Tolix chair?

Do you know what I have in mind looking at that image ?

Mamak’s restaurant on a football match night with heaps of fanatics in their favorites jerseys.

Wouldn’t be cool to give mamak’s restaurant a little bit of ‘edgy-sophisticated’ feels to its relax kind of interior.
I guess then teh tarik would not be as cheap as Rm2 anymore if that’s so.

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