Purple scent

Invisible tears
that is what they are

weep, you can
cry, you cannot

suck it all up!
man up!

I couldn’t justified myself, of what made this entry.
not in the middle of PMS for sure

or perhaps its this ultimate pressure on the left side of my head.
and on my left eye
and between these two eyes

I longed for the smell of lavender.
not that cheap bathroom fragrance.
but the real one. one fresh bunch from the bush. or in tea.
the one that u can smell earth and wood in the middle of its sweetness.

one which I couldn’t find here. especially not on sunday afternoon.
these has always work wonders on me.
chamomile does too.
but none near my kitchen cabinet, nor my backyard garden.

breath in. breath out.
I can smell you with my eyes shut.
you purple, warm, earthy, woody, minty sweet thing.

I can smell you with my eyes tightly shut
you warm purple scent.

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