Paint that paper, not your face!

Every girl must have tons of unused expired cosmetic in their vanity. Mascara, eye shadow palette that you rarely use, blush, powder this and powder that. Blame being a appearance-cautious teenage girl and super hot looking models in that glossy magazine.

I do. But that was a very long time ago. Haha. Yeah, I have my fair share for being appearance-cautious teenage girl 10 years ago. Buying all of that stuff and end up not using any much at all. Nowadays I live on lip balm, thin eyeliner, bit of blush and occasional simple makeup will just do.

So, don’t just throw it all in the bin! recycled it!…and I have this so called vision many months ago. I was just to lazy to put it into action. So, I finally did it today evening. I recycled my expired make-up stuff……… paint. not on my face, for sure.

Well, not Picasso or Michelangelo, nor nothing close to Monalisa but hey I recycled stuff !!
It kind of surprise me that it does give the same effect of pencil colour or pastel chalks, but here I used the cream eyeshadow that I have never used, old expired face powder and super cheap eyeshadow palette that I only used twice.

hmm, was thinking what else should I paint with my tubes of lip gloss and lipstick.

Maybe I should start a recycling campaign.

“Paint that paper, not your face” . haha.

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