Going pixie

I swear by the name of Lady Gaga I’m so going to don that pixie haircut on my 30th birthday. I always have a thing for short cuts and always tempted to do so. It’s just that I believe longer hair(with a bun) holds hijabs better. I still remembered when my sister and I were younger mom would never let us keeps longer hair. She said, not until you know how to take care of yourself hygienically, and don’t want to hear any complaints or turning our house as lice breeding place. ok mom, I wash my hair everyday now.

I had done pixie couple of times back then. You name it, pixie, boycut, cropped, inverted crop, asymetrical bob, short bob long before Victoria Beckham made it famous. There was this one time in my attempt to look rebellious I went short from mid length and was inspired by this type of butterfly which always there in my school dormitory, so I asked the lady to cut my hair short and left that tail behind the left and right ear. haha. All these was during my teen years and early twenties.

Just to hold myself from cutting it short now, I feast my self with this photo and reminded just how gorgeous Leighton Meester looks like in it.

love th colour

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