Post design-cric syndrome

1. your room is in an utterly complete mess. you have dedicated a corner of your room for all different types of stuff in your attempts to keep things organize. pile of books, pile of papers, pile of models, pile of boards, pile of dirty laundry… pile of dirty dishes too.

2. you felt like finally having a good night sleep but you haven’t make up the bed from previous 2-3 nights makes the bed is not the best place to do so.

3. you wanted to have a good night out but 1 day off thinking about design could distract the flow of thought you think you have in mind end up just watching tv eating dinner.

4. you know your body is tired and need sleeps but your mind cannot just stop like that, your eyes just don’t want close and you ends up writing a post.


ok. first thing tomorrow morning, the laundry!

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