I thought I saw you in a flash.

I know its you. I recognize that *****
That flash made my day, this long cold and hard day….just so you know.

No, I’m not a stalker
No, I’m not a psycho.
No, I’m not your secret admirer or what sort

and … no, I’m not in my denial state

I just thought you are interesting.

you know, like when you past a shelfs full of cookies at grocery..just something that catches the corner of your eyes.. you stop and really take a look back. the right kind of flavour. the right bite size. maybe a price that make you think twice…hmm.. maybe not the right kind of calories, but the thought of eating you is a pleasure. a guilty kind of pleasure.

gosh. ahahaha.

thing is, you had me
the first time you said hello.

yeah, maybe …. maybe I’m in my denial state.

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