Palazzo pants

Yes, they were pretty pair. Who cannot be in love with this flowy super relaxing pants. I have two in my wardrobe…err 4 actually if I count the 2 which I always wear at home. One of which I had made a stranger ‘falls for the first sight’ kind of love story..literally…the night I wore them. (ahaha, I swear by that black palazzo..) *blush.

It’s usually worn during summer because its long reputation in more resort kind of outfits. But now, since it is winter here in Perth and not to let one beautiful pant hide in the closet. I’ve decided to wear it now.. perhaps with boots and thermal tights underneath or I’ll be freezing to death. Just a little tips on how to wear them. Also as a reminder to me whenever I lost my inspiration (happen to me most of the time) on how to style it.

1. With slightly tight tops especially around the waist..or patterned top for more daring look.

2. Give it a height. heels or ankle boots is a must!

3. Go with structured sandal for more relaxed look.

4. Work with contrast colour

5. if you are a bit cautious with your midsection wearing something tight there. Pair it with structured boyfriend jacket (to balance the relaxed flowy pant) and if you are to wear a long cardigan, wear a waist belt to give it more definition.

6. accessories with long or midlength necklace

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