Style reminder

Being a girl means having a lot of cloths. We tend to keep buying stuff and forgot what gems we actually have hidden or forgotten in the closet especially when season changed… and there goes, “I have nothing to wear!” with a huge pile of cloths on the bed or scattered around the room after 2 hours of ‘fashion show’ in the room..what make it even irony is, it’s just for going out to uni or library. (for girls who love playing dress up even just for grocery shopping, perhaps we just tends to get easily bored with typical jeans and shirt)

I was blog-walking as usual and found this lady outfit which I thought quite gorgeous. Just realized I actually have similar things that I’ve quite forgotten. uh-huh- yeah that is why I write this post as a style reminder…or perhaps it should be called as outfit reminder. Now I remembered why I had not wear that dress for a long time, I thought I don’t have quite a nice cardigan to wear over. A great working reminder, ditch the cardi but go with shirt..voila! a casual outfit.

Don’t forget to accessorize and put on a detailed gorgeous bag!

$12 blue dress form Factorie, shirt from Forever New. Don’t mind the drawings in the background. My bedroom walls are full of those.

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