It almost over

Semester 2 results came out yesterday. I was happy with mine, not super happy but kind of ok, relieved kind of happy. It was an ok, good job not super satisfying job, considering I know I could have done better a little bit. I have to say partly I was a little bit….. ‘slacking’? towards the end. no no slacking sounds to harsh maybe. But truth is I was juggling with a hell lot of part time jobs at the moment too. Hence, feeling a little bit satisfied with the quite good marks I got thru mid semester contributes to the ‘slacking ness’.

I’ve noticed the feeling ‘safe’ at that position, and some good constructive comments from Johnathan was actually a little lethal to my overall marks. ahaha… well, probably was the folio and the time spend for that was the culprit. huh… that was a bit of a regret… spending time perfecting the minut slanting lines in the drawing, when it can’t be seen really in scale 1:50 much even in scale 1:100! silly me!!

Perfectionist cannot live in this world. because the world is not. be sly and be smart instead.

This whole thing is a good reminder for me to continue works extra smart not to forget hard next semester, which is the last one. I must get at least HD for design, at least and next sem is my final chance. Work extra smart and hard!
Remember that, Ika!

Hence, of all that, there is only one unit left to pass and do excel… graduate. 1 unit. thinking about that and knowing the fact I’ve always count how many units left every semester since semester one tragedy, makes me goes a little bit gaga. Ringing two of my good friends, su and j.e and just to be like OMGGGGGGGGGG , OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

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