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unbelievably stupid

I still can’t believe I have a go to call him and wish raya. did I call him? yes did he pick up? obviously no. did you feel like a total loser? obviously yes. I just felt a little bit … Continue reading

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A handshake with Takaharu Tezuka

Last weekend I attended Affirmative Architecture at The Bakery, Nortbridge. It was my first archi related symposium after a very long long break. I mean back then in UKM, being close with the lecturers I was pretty active in this … Continue reading

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There is something about me that if I couldn’t get something I wanted so much I would rant, babel endlessly about it. So folks, bear with me. Here’s something that I want to rant ‘too’ much today. Their items always … Continue reading

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Look at what I’ve found from The Drifter and The Gypsy. A photography collection by From Me To You. At first I thought Im looking into my head at some mind wondering moment. No. actually Im looking at a picture. … Continue reading

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Be strong.

You can do this. Be strong. You have done it before, you can do this now. Deep breath. deep breath. Don’t think about it. Deep breath. Deep breath. Don’t fret. Don’t be drawn in that blackness. Deep breath. chill. Clear … Continue reading

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Love the last on the right. 😉 Check out their blog here. Uber cool hijabis photography

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