A handshake with Takaharu Tezuka

Last weekend I attended Affirmative Architecture at The Bakery, Nortbridge. It was my first archi related symposium after a very long long break. I mean back then in UKM, being close with the lecturers I was pretty active in this sort of things I guess. Well, at least ‘menyibuk tolong-tolong’. Well well those glorious days…

Anyway, one of the speaker was Takaharu Tezuka from Japan. I didn’t notice that he was the architect for some of the precedents I referred in my thesis only until his presented his work. Silly me.

It went great the presentation was good, everybody seems to laugh and enjoy his talk. A refreshing presentation after quite a monotonous day. There’s other interesting presentations as well including by Diago Ramirez-Lovering about Oppurtunistic Urbanism which he talk about some place in Mexico (Gualajara?) that I believed shared the same condition with my site in Chow kit. A blurred public-private urban spaces condition. On the second day, was the much talkabout project between Beth and me, Muf-Aus by Mel Dodd. I honestly think the projects that falls into the urban FRINGE category on first half of the second day was really inspiring. Very much related to what I’m trying to do with my thesis

But, highlight of the day for me was when I came to Takaharu just to mention to him how his projects was very inspiring to my thesis, he gave me one of his book! say whattt! I even managed to get it signed!! saywhatttagain ahahaha. You must understand that I usually loath celebrity-obsessed fangirling picture taking or ohmygawd owhmygawd! justin bieber style, so this is kind of big for me.

Owh well, an inspiring international architect self handed you his book and wish good luck for your thesis project, more to that he was kind to listen when I described my project, I don’t mind being a little bit gaga justin bieber style I guess. ;D ahaha but nah, god did save me from doing all that picture taking owhmygawd ohmygawd wide eyed stuff. good.

The bakery lawn seating

The cool entrance

some toilet lighting

me & aunjie fresh from Tasmania at the lawn

Everybody still inside, it was drizzling a little bit but we took off early, so I thought why not capture this cool entrance cum lobby again. hehe.

yup that's it

see, I kid you not!

On my way home, I drop by 201 just to see the Open Day exhibition, a friend said I was on the wall so I thought to check it out. Unfortunately, phone battery’s dead not able to take some pictures. But hey ya, I was on wall. Literally there was a photo of ‘me’ presenting on the wall but that’s not what actually excites me. Its the urban project I did last year and they label the work as by Ika Zainal. Yesss, I made it to the blue carpet level!!! whattagaiinnn?! ahahaha

So happy walking back home, its spring and everything seems so beautiful last week, I can’t help to picked blooming flowers on the kerb side and put it in the mason jar I’ve been collecting since last 2 weeks.

beautiful hey?

So that’s the end of the week. Today is monday. Back to reality babe!

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