An ode to you

if i could wish for a star
i would wish for one.

that is exactly how it feels just right now.

considering all the impossibility and all the oddity, it started to feel like im kneeling on my bed deeply praying that one day, our path will cross somewhere.

scenes of Practical Magic flashes in mind. i remembered watching it with owe and awe of 14 years old lost soul…

this was the moment when 11 years old Sally kneeled by the bed casting spells on petals. yes, i feel like im that little girl again, just because, this is not usual.

maybe not for Forever….you can live your life and i can live mine.
you can be whatever you wanted for life,
and i to be whatever life has to offer to me.
however you wish yours to be,
whatever fate destined it to be.

in future, i would reread this post as cinematic as it possibly be
as husky as lykke li rhymes
as dreamy as Sally chants

because it is an ode to you.
it has always been.

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