RL spring summer 2012

Ok, today is probably not a good day to do any entry. But between super final submission anxiety, being moody and weird cravings, today is never a bad day for one….or two..

Now, I can’t recall how I stumbled to this runaway show in such early morning today, but it wasn’t that far off from the moment I switched on the computer. I got to tell you Ralph Lauren got me mesmerized this round. RL is never really in my common fashion browsing name (as iff~) although I had always adore their sophisticated american charm. But I do know 1 or 2 about this brand.Their perfume lines often makes me all dreamy of elegence, carefree, high street life when I was a teenager, and their signature polo shirt.

Back then, my fashion vocabulary wasn’t as good (not saying I am now, but better in a sense I guess) but somehow RL reminds me of that free spirit life. Once I read somewhere in a perfume blog review, they describe most of RL perfume lines as ‘always reminds me of America’. yeah I thought that was kinda spot on.

Anyway, just to mention here their Spring Summer 2012 collection really got me to watch till the end of the show. I hear myself saying ‘hmm, not bad..’ and towards the end of the show when the models sashay-ing evening dress collection I hear myself say ‘wowwwww…’. ahahahaha, so that must mean good hey?

“The inspiration were from the glamour eras of 1920s and 30s with architectural cuts, soft colour palettes, luminous texture that shimmer and shine. Demure daytime look set the tone sharp menswear suiting and dramatic evening gowns that make a statement with icytones and exquisitely intricate beadwork”

Owh, I just learned that the first song is Anywhere Under the Moon by Dala, canadian acoustic-folk music duo. The whole music line up for the show was brilliant too.

did I just hear…

1920s? checked
menswear inspired? checked
intricate detailing? checked
acoustic folk? checked
jazzy bazzy songs? checked

hmmm, yes maybe a little too much of Underbelly Razor, Downton Abbey, cloche hat that I’d always desired ever since the Monalisa Smile and a little bit of Virgina Woolf in me. Needless to say, that was a natural pull.

Grab yourself a chocolate bar and breathe it all in!

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