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sentimental value

Righty. throw away ;( Lefty. Sell away 😉 end of architecture study…..for now. Advertisements

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French Fever

Bonjour, Nowadays, thank you to TuneIn radio I’ve found a way to wind down easily before sleep. I do have a bit of difficulties to fall asleep, no not insomic or whatever just my brain need a little bit help … Continue reading

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Outdoor entertaining

I know my lack of architecture entry seems to contradict to what I do for living. A friend once asked why don’t I blog about my thesis much? because she would love to hear and share. Aww, cute….really. Point is, to me that is … Continue reading

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The purple tree

Morning blessings 😉

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Oh so random!….not

after one tiring job hunting day………..was wondering if i could ditch architecture and do modelling instead…..bahaha.

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gold dust

My summer dessert, kiwi strawberry yogurt and a dash of gold dust.. 😉 never been happier

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