French Fever


Nowadays, thank you to TuneIn radio I’ve found a way to wind down easily before sleep. I do have a bit of difficulties to fall asleep, no not insomic or whatever just my brain need a little bit help to shut down. ahahaha. Trust me I’ve tried many technics there might be one or two you don’t want to know. ;p

What’s amazing with this app is that it can stream whatever radio stations the world has to offer. From locations to languages to religious radio to moods and obviously also genres. hehe. Now, warning, I might sound like an app commercial now… also comes in with sleep timer! Voil+a!

So, I’ve been listening to mellow jazz pretty recently and able to fall asleep very fast, I’m a happy cow! ahahaha the wonders of smartphones. Who then need a real radio, mini home theatre, or BOSE. just saying.

So, with many happy night jazzy bazzy-ing and some happy chats with my creole speaking friends, and now even Blair Waldorf going to be married to a Monégasque Prince, ahahhaa, got me into french fever.

hear this

bonsoir, je me presente… je m’ppelle ika


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