Always the darkest hour before dawn

NO, this is not Twilight the movie review nor anything related to Edward Cullen handsome face.

I was just flipping through my endless draft post and saw this draft I reckon now is a good time to publish it. Considering the news I had received earlier today that woke me up from my sleep. Congratulation Shaz, may all goes well.

I met one of my former colleague in the middle of this year. He was a bit matured in age but just finished his part 2. What a man. It always blow my mind to think of what promising passion in architecture can do with time.

He, in a way encourage me to try find some jobs in Perth first before coming back. He also mention it is much more important to chase part 3 registration first then only to think of venturing into academics. Not that I haven’t thought of that but my small brain wander around to much. heh. Amazing how just 30 minutes of discussion ends up all the contemplation and doubt.

Seeing him, I just realized how dumbfounded I felt. Some people always have this calmness in them. You know it’s like, life is hectic, crazy already, everybody is juggling with a lot of you don’t have to make extra chaos in your head. or don’t have to

Just amazing.
To be able to be centred and calm in all the chaos, is like diving underwater….
like watching an action pack movies in mute.

a skill which I am still learning. bahahha

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