Everyone, meet Becky

Hi my name is Becky. Originally I’m from Ikea until my previous owner sold me for 50 cents to a very cute lady at Belmount forum, November 2011

My new lady likes it when I dance. She got me a job that requires me to poise and wears glittering beautiful stuffs. At first, I kinda juggles between that. dancing and the new job. I always fall down. But my lady would pick me up and said

“I believe you can do this”

“you are so talented and artistic!”

I like it when she smile every time she sees me poise. I can see a glitter of pride in her eyes. As if I am her creation. an apprentice. That makes me happy.

I’m a jewellery holder. All I have to do is stand, look up, poise and wears a lot of jewellery. Isn’t it every girls dream?

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