Project dossier

Found these dying in my design folder, thought of giving them a lil’ bit of show they deserve coz I normally don’t post private sketches online. Yes, mine nothing like Mies Van Der Rohe or Le Corbusier famous sketching but these are one drop of my blood or sweat perhaps tears in architecture. There is something about design process images I always love. Raw inspiration that speaks about progressing thoughts, I guess.

The first is a shadow study sketch for a SOHO house in Town of Vincent, WA. It is on 1:50 scale and we have strict A3 landscape submission format so the size of this sketching is about 1.5 metres long. I was lucky to find a new A1 plotter/scanner at our resource centre at that time or scanning this image would be a hassle!

This is about developing design for the staircase’s detailing and materials to convey the idea of epiphany.

Beth (my supervisor/lecturer) was right. An architectural image should look like a piece of art. This mapping should be read overlay on claisebrook Station map to make sense of it.

Last but not the least, these were traced view from a video footage of a train journey from Perth Wellington Train Station to Claisebrook Station. Then extruded and angled in Sketchup. The whole process of transferring idea from filming to converting format (mpeg>jpeg>autocad>photoshop>sketchup>jpeg) to get a view extrusion was just painfully meticulous! but yeah, satisfying.

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