It is what it is

Rindu kau fullstop I’m sorry question mark

yeah, you heard me right fullstop 

Salah question mark


you are wrong fullstop no one can tell fullstop

have you ever listen to yourself lately question mark

Kau ingat mimpi kau dulu-dulu question mark

spider net at the playground fullstop

that hand fullstop the one that looks like papa’s hand but it is not fullstop

kau memang akan ingat mimpi tu sampi mati fullstop bukan question mark

Let it be fullstop let it be fullstop

so, it’s like mimpi question mark

mimpi dalam sedar question mark

mungkin fullstop

ingat aku cakap question mark

no one can tell fullstop

your time will come fullstop

it is ok fullstop it’s gonna be ok fullstop

* * *

lights like glaring glitters

it’s a sway!

palm to palm

flickering screen on our faces

that silence

that coming waves

that silence

waves waves


kau tipu!

x pa aku kira

ok, kau takut nak kira
45 45 45 45


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